Always positive and encouraging, Lauren’s unique ability to guide her clients in a forward progression while following the course of Pilates technique, is irreplaceable. Her “100’s to Happiness” builds on everything she teaches, believes, and practices with us, her clients! Thank you Lauren!
— Stephanie N.
I have been doing Pilates under the watchful eye of Lauren for over four years. She is passionate about the program and precise in the execution of the exercises. Her dedication to wellness and her personal attention to her clients is unmatched. I have had other instructors. None can compare. She is simply the best.
— Norton S.
A perfect combination of learning new things, visiting picturesque Italian hill towns, improving your Pilates practice, enjoying great food & wine, and relaxing - all with a small group of congenial new friends. Lauren is a wonderful and caring Pilates instructor, and Pamela’s local knowledge and relationships make for a truly special experience!
— Lisa R.
The retreat exceeded all my expectations. Doing Pilates with Lauren everyday was a dream come true! The setting was inspirational. We participants bonded over our passion for Pilates. There was always something fun and interesting to do but it never felt over-planned or formulaic. Our Italian hosts gave us an authentic taste of Italian life and culture. I came home refreshed, inspired and grateful for such an opportunity.
— Alice C.
Hi Lauren,
I just wanted to tell you that after my
two hours with you today, I am feeling
so great! I feel about 30 years old! No
pain, no tightness, I feel stronger. I
think I discovered the fountain of youth!
Enjoy your well-deserved holiday
— Alice - Chapel Hill, NC
Lauren has been helping me to regain my strength after hip-replacement surgery. Her application of the Pilates method has been a critical part in my recovery of a normal gait and my sense of balance. She is always friendly, professional, and thoroughly focused on her clients. I appreciate those qualities in a health and exercise coach, and I’m delighted with the progress of our work together. Thank you, Lauren!
— Michael S.
When I first started Pilates, I had a hard time with back pain and limited range of motion. With Lauren’s patient and expert guidance, I am now pain free and enjoy all my activities. She is devoted to Pilates which is a huge blessing for her clients who benefit from her dedication to her art. Plus she is just a whole lot of fun to be with!
— Alice C.