Valentine’s Day, the Conscious Strong™ Way! Happiness & Growth Celebrating Love and Affection


We’ve all had that feeling- a rise in your throat, butterflies in your stomach, or the giddy feeling of having someone in your life that you can love unconditionally. The rewards for sharing these feelings are innumerable; well-being, personal development, and a sense of purpose are only a few benefits of giving and receiving love.

Being Conscious StrongTM means fostering these states of mind and, therefore, fostering love. Below I’ve shared ways of not only loving others, but also of loving yourself as means of promoting growth, vitality, and optimism, to mention only a few.

# 1 – Try to see the worth in others, and do the same with yourself.

It’s easy to see people you might find unpleasant in a negative light- whether it’s an annoying in-law, a lazy coworker, or a sour stranger, everybody has that person. Likewise, it’s easy to get stuck in negative thoughts about one’s self- being dissatisfied with your fitness, habits, or social status are common woes in western society.

While these are normal anxieties for anyone to have, that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t change that feeling for the better. You’re more than any person’s problems, and more than whatever matters of contention are bothering you. The ability to find value and positivity in what you like about yourself or in somebody else is what enables you to climb above those frustrations.

Express those feelings with that person – or with yourself – and the resentment will melt away, giving way to a sense of optimism and gratification.  More often than not, this pays itself forward and back to you – positivity breeds positivity.

# 2 – Be congruent with yourself; being yourself is the best version of you.

This is one of the cheesiest, most repeated bits of advice people give to others in places of doubt and uncertainty. However, that doesn’t make it any less true. Trying to be something you’re not obfuscates who you really are, and not just to others; in trying to bolster this false image of yourself, you’re giving less value to who you actually are, and convincing yourself you’re something that you’re not.

Anything worthwhile will last longer than any contrived façade; whether it’s your relationship with that special someone, or a good feeling you have about yourself, a mask will undermine and corrupt how you feel towards what you actually care about. One important thing, however, is the difference between positive change and something forced.

Being true to yourself is both rewarding and comfortable, and serves to further personal development in self-worth and awareness. And anybody worthy of your time will appreciate you for who you are anyway – chalk it up to separating the wheat from the chaff.

#3 – Strive for meaningful connections with the people around you & yourself.

Mankind is a social species, associating success and happiness with the quality and quantity of the group that surrounds them. In the fast-paced world we live in, it can be difficult to foster these connections due to overwork or outstanding obligations, and these relationships can fall to the wayside in the face of paying certain bills or meeting certain deadlines and quotas.

Fostering these same relationships is just as important to them and to yourself as those obligations are; no matter how well above water one is with financial and professional obligations, without the connection one feels with strong social bonds, it can feel like you’re drowning. Social connection is a baser desire than wealth, and remains the metaphorical waterline of personal fulfillment.

Be certain to strengthen those relationships with whom you have a mutual appreciation, and build new ones with people of similar outlooks to yours. These connections will provide you not only with a sense of optimism, but also with springboards with which to launch yourself and themselves to loftier goals.


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