Conscious Strong™: Journaling is Key to Focusing the Mind Everyday


The third key element of becoming Conscious Strong™ in 2018 is my daily journaling ritual. Having a morning ritual really is key to setting the right mood for the rest of your day and the one part of my morning ritual that I almost never skip is journaling.

My Journey: How I Use Journaling to Steady My Mind

Ever since I read the Surrender Experiment last spring, I have been using journaling as a way to feel grounded and grateful. During my journaling sessions, I remind myself to stop putting so much pressure on myself. I work through “worst case” scenarios when I’m feeling especially stressed about work or life. And all of it is really calming.

As you know, if you’re following my wellness journey, I have been slowly expanding my daily meditation practice (I’m now up to 10 minutes each day!). But some days, my mind is simply too busy to focus deeply.

These are the days when journaling is my best friend. If I wake up and feel my mind immediately spinning in 14 different directions, that’s when I know I need to write. I pull out my favorite, worn, cloth-bound journal and I start scribbling.

And here’s the magical part: After scribbling for just a few minutes, my energy changes.

  • Instead of feeling frantic and out of control, I feel strong and on top of my agenda.

  • Patterns start to emerge. I start to see all the pieces coming together and falling into place.

  • Rarely do I experience a journaling session where this kind of magic doesn’t happen for me.


There’s just something about willing your thoughts into submission. It’s as if your ego bows to your heart and positive energy flows through you automatically. Almost nothing is more powerful than this experience. It can feel spiritual.


Favorite Journaling Tools:

All you really need to get started journaling is a notebook and your favorite writing utensil. You could create a file on your computer and type up your thoughts, but I think putting pen to paper is best. It turns out there’s science to backup my intuition on this too. Your brain operates differently when you’re typing and looking at a screen. But my reason for journaling the “old fashioned” way is mostly a personal preference. Forming letters by hand takes time and forces me to slow down. I need this tool sometimes.


Here are some of my other favorite journaling resources:

  • Write a letter to your future self: A website and app called literally lets you schedule and send an email to yourself on a specific date (1 year, 3 years, 5 years). If you happen to use G Suite for business, you could use the send later feature in gmail to do this too.

  • Make a list of what happened yesterday: Just start writing about what you did the day before. You could also use this as a prompt for evening journaling. It’s an uplifting practice to end your day by writing down 3 wins from your day, independent of your journaling practice.

  • The Freedom Journal: I just heard about this journal specially designed to help you reach your #1 goal in 100 days. It looks like a great idea and you know how much I love the idea of developing habits over the course of 100 days. If anyone has tried it, I’d love to hear about your experience!


What if I can’t think of anything to write about?

I’ve been there. Some days I feel stuck. When I’m feeling this way, I might skip journaling altogether. But I often turn to one of my favorite resources for journal prompts if I feel like I just need a nudge. This blog offers journal prompts for everyday of 2018. Surely you can find some inspiration here. Go ahead. Tap into your creative side!


My Status Update:

As I mentioned above, this is one part of my journey where follow-through is really not an issue. I’ve been in the habit of journaling everyday for quite some time now. But I do have in mind the idea of making my journaling sessions more effective.

What I mean is I want to use journaling to reflect on different aspects of my life and business. When I’m challenged by something, I want journaling to be my go-to tool. It’s not that I feel I haven’t been “doing journaling right.” There’s no right or wrong way to journal! But I want to use journaling to reawaken my power.

In this way, I’m treating journaling almost as part of self-care. There is deep wisdom within me and in the past, I have wanted to turn away because, frankly, I didn’t trust myself and my wisdom within. This stops now. Journaling is my way of tapping into my inner wisdom.

I’m happy to report that I already feel stronger. I’m more confident in the choices I’m making and it’s actually made it easier to surrender the things that are not within my power to control. What a transformation!

If you don’t have a daily journaling practice, I encourage you to start. It’s as easy as carving out some precious minutes for yourself (I hope you’re doing this anyway) and guarding that time. Treat your journaling time as sacred. I promise, once you make it part of your morning ritual, it will start to feel sacred.

Now that you have previewed my 3-part wellness journey for 2018, are you in? I’ve scheduled an incredible retreat experience at the beautiful Fearrington Inn in Pittsboro, NC. The retreat will center around meditation, movement, and journaling. If you’re ready to join me for a 3-day retreat and start or continue your own Conscious Strong™ journey, book your spot now!

What an amazing way to connect with yourself and other like minded individuals in an inspiring location!

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