A Little Movement Everyday Goes a Long Way Toward Making You Conscious Strong™


In addition to committing to 5 minutes of meditation daily (Wow! What a difference it’s making...more on this later), I’m also committed to making movement central to my day. Beyond being focused on getting back my Conscious Strong™ body, this is an inner quest. It’s all about doing more for myself.

Daily movement means that I am making time to move my body just for me. I love my clients, of course, but if I’m going to model self-care for them, I’ve got to focus on my own movement just as I encourage them to focus on their Pilates practice.

So, no matter what else I have going on, I’m making sure to move everyday in 2018.

My Journey: Making Movement Central to My Daily Routine

During the busy work week, I schedule time during my “lunch break” to take a walk in the park or around Chapel Hill. Some days I’m so busy that I only have time for about a 10 minute walk, while I schedule social media posts. But what’s important is that I’m guarding this self-care time.

The best part about movement is that it’s so easy to multitask. I can do leg lifts, while I’m on the phone strategizing with my marketing expert. Or back lifts, while I’m thinking about my next webinar. Or I can take a lovely walk with my partner in the evenings, while we tell each other about our days.

All it takes is prioritizing and adding “Lauren’s time to move” to my daily schedule. I have to say, this has been one of my easier transformations. Shifting to the self-care mindset has made doing these things for myself almost automatic.

Favorite Movement Tools:

When I think about what tools help me move, it’s not about gym equipment or using a particular app (though I do love 100s to Happiness, of course). It’s about keeping me energized and motivated to keep moving forward.

  • Good Nutrition: You can’t move your body in a way that is beneficial—or at all—without fueling it in the right way. Putting the right nutrients in your body is really the first step to focusing on movement. I’ll be sharing my favorite smoothie recipes and other nutrition hacks that I come across in 2018. Here’s some excellent info from nutritionist Maya Feller to get you started.

  • Visit Local Classes with Friends: One of my favorite ways to move is by hopping around and trying all the local classes. This month, I’ve done a 90-minute hot flow yoga class, several popup workouts with Katie, and attended several fitness classes with my amazing neighbors. Trying new classes is a great way to stay motivated if, like me, you tend to get bored with the same routine day in and day out.

  • My Calendar: How is a calendar a tool for movement? Well, for me, if something goes into my calendar, it happens. It’s a mindset thing! So, a huge part of what’s keeping me moving is scheduling movement into my day.


My Status Update:

Last week in Chapel Hill, an unusual amount of snow fell. The city is paralyzed by a couple of inches of snow and this time we got close to 12 inches. Needless to say, several of my client sessions had to be rescheduled. In the past, the snow would have been a great excuse to lay on the couch watching Hulu all day (and believe me, I did steal some time to watch some incredible documentaries that have been on my list for months).

But because of my Conscious Strong™commitment, I’m proud to report that I made daily movement happen last week despite the snow. I bundled up and walked through the neighborhood taking shots of trees blanketed in snow. I also worked up a sweat inside doing some of my favorite floor exercises. The snow days give me a chance to get some much needed meal prep done too. Yay for productive days at home!

Are you making movement part of your daily routine? It’s as easy as setting the timer on your phone to get up and move for 5 minutes each hour. What’s your Conscious Strong™ journey? Let’s make 2018 the year of being Conscious Strong™!

Lauren McClekrinComment